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July 2021                                                                                                                                                   Katie Regan, Stirling

I have just spent a long week on Retreat at Cath's.  After Covid, this was exactly what I was looking for; to be outdoors and have a deeper connection with nature.  The mindfulness tips and guidance are defo helping me in daily life as I bring mindfulness into my life, lettiing go of stress and anxiety.   I am embarrassed to say that I have been so ignorant of nature and my relationship to it, not realising that I am so interconnected with nature and the universal energy.   I now have a greater understanding of my connection with nature and I will be using this to support me through challenging times.  Understanding nature has helped me to understand myself too.   I loved the time away at the retreat and it was so nice to meet like minded people.

July 2021    Day Event                                                                                                                            Marjorie Clark, Glasgow

What a wonderful day full of insight and new experiences.  Learning about mindfullness of the 5 senses and mindful walking was a wonderful day for me to let go of some of my tension.   I loved the Energy Healing Soundbath and the Shamanic Drumming, both of which were new experiences for me.  It was just so lovely to have a day out which was local, different and has inspired me to try new things as well as prioritising my own health and wellbeing.   Loved the entire day.

August 2020                                                                                                                                            Gabriela Stewart, Edinburgh

I attended Cath’s mindfulness retreat which combined peace and tranquility with lots of fun and laughter and multiple “ah!” moments and a couple of real life-changing lightbulbs which I took home with the aim of making use of them daily.

I say “aim to” because, as is common, one’s initial enthusiasm to develop better habits can wane when one is back in an old routine but Cath’s follow-up measures are helpful (and insistent ;-) in trying to maintain momentum to change.

There was not a single moment of the three days and two nights that did not feel like time well spent.

Cath’s approach is open and enlightening. She’s a great storyteller and communicates with such down-to-earth honesty and empathy and then appears to download nuggets of wisdom from the middle distance.

Cath’s home is very welcoming and situated minutes from the beach, forest and hills, making it a perfect venue to tap into the varied wonders of the natural world. 

All in all, a memorable weekend, whose lessons I will revisit the rest of my days (and maybe even beyond ;-)

August 2020                                                                                                          Jane Onel, Kilmacolm

I spent a weekend on retreat with Yes- Your Entire Self in Largs, Ayrshire. I arrived with an open-minded attitude and was looking for some time and support to think and have time for myself.
The whole experience more than exceeded my expectations; the setting and weather were beautiful with a forest on the doorstep and the beach a 10 minute walk away.
However, it was the generosity of spirit and insightful wisdom of Cath, our host, that has left me with lasting benefits. We meditated and practiced yoga on the beach, then had a healthy breakfast while we had interesting  conversations among our lovely group, we had mindful forest walks and hill walks and wonderful healing chime energy sound bathing.
It was lovely to spend a whole weekend with like-minded and compassionate people and I came home totally rejuvenated.”
Can’t wait for the next retreat Cath, keep up your fabulous work,

August 2020                                                                                                     Sue Butcher, North Ayrshire

I have just attended a fabulous weekend Retreat and cannot rate it highly enough and would thoroughly recommend it.  Cath shares her wisdom and talents with true care and compassion and creates an authentic safe space which truly connects people.  The beautiful surroundings are stunning - we went from beach to forest and then the hills.  the mix of learning and personal space was perfect and we had laughter along the way.  Do not hesitate to book, you will definitely be enriched by the experience.

2020 - Affected by Covid.

2019 Highlights

Working with Projects such as Women's Aid Inverclyde, The Cedar Project, The Richmond Fellowship, Action for Happiness it has been a real honour to share the power of Mindfulness Practice and Universal Law of Attraction to support those brave enough to change their lives and improve the lives of loved ones.

In addition, I feel particularly privileged to have met so many strong and beautiful women and men through the Day and Weekend Retreats where tears of joy and emotional pain have been shared in order to let go of the old to make way for the new.   People have come as strangers and left as true friends.

Nothing changes unless we change.  To change, we have to be courageous and brave.  Many thanks to all the courageous and brave women and men I have been honoured to meet in 2019.  You truly all have been inspirational.   Cath


Angela Wood                                                                                      North Ayrshire, June 2019

I spent a fantastic day on Saturday.  What a fab day shared with lovely, like minded people.  Cath is a fantastic facilitator and has a lovely way about her which instantly makes you feel calm.   I loved all the different types of mindfulness practices and being in nature.  Certainly a day I won't forget.  I would highly recommend you join Cath and take some special time out for you.

Joe                                                                                                        Glasgow, May 2019

Excellent insight into Mindfulness in a beautiful environment.  Cath has a lovely way  about her which allows participants to relax and be themselves.  Trust me, you will love it.  Go on, treat yourself, you deserve it!'

Denise Morgan                                                                                Liverpool, April 2019

This is my second visit to YES.  Cath has the ability to put the right people together to ensure the group bonds and everyone is able to relax and share experiences.  I arrived a cynical scouser and left a convert.  I leanrt how to stop battling with myself and understood the healing powers of nature.  New experiences, new friends.  Put your trust in Cath and you will come away with a new and more positie way of looking at life that will help you through the most difficult times. Tears and laughter all in a beautiful setting.....and the Gong Man is amazing!!

Lynne C,                                                                                            Ayrshire,   February 2019

Investing time in myself had not been a priority for years. Being a wife, a mum, a daughter, a carer and a manager all took priority. Finding YES and perhaps more importantly Cath helped me to find ME again. Cath has a gift she has the ability to make you stop, reflect and consider what’s important in life. Her fun personality wicked sense of humour and warmth draw you in. She has a inner sense of wisdom and spirituality that helps you to think about yourself and your own life. Putting thoughts into context and letting go of negative thinking. I must acknowledge that spending time with the other woman in the groups I have attended is equally giving. The sharing, reflecting and laughing are all part of any experience I have ever enjoyed at YES.


Haulwen Nicholas,                                                                                        Wales   April 2018

'It was one of the most inspiring weekends I have ever had.  I also haven't laughed so much in a long time.   I'm still buzzing a month later.  Loved it'.

Clare Percival,                                                                                             London  May 2018

'I had the most amazing weekend, words cannot do the experience justice.  The valuable things learned and the people I shared it with are unforgettable are the hints and tips are still embedded into my new routine and improved way of life'.

Clare Cremona                                                                                              Devon, May 2018

'I didn't know anyone before I arrived but left with a group of friends for life.  Cath attended with kindness and humour to our every need.   The time spent outdoors and with others in mindfulness I will treasure for a very long time.   I laughed til I cried on many occasions'.

Wilma Anderson                                                                                           Glasgow, June 2018

'I have known Cath for many years and was delighted to be part of a weekend of wisdom, inspiration and personal growth.   I enjoyed the full on days with the relaxed evenings.  Fun inspired weekend, just what I needed'.

Julie Richardson                                                                                           Fife, Aug 2018

'Often the right thing appears at the right time and my weekend with Cath was most definitely that!  Most enjoyable, lots of wisdom shared within beautiful surroundings.  I've taken away lots from the weekend that I know has added to my journey in life.  Thank you Cath for sharing your wisdom through your weekends'.

Nicola McCann                                                                                              Aberdeen, Sept 2018

'I have just returned from this unique & special retreat.  I honestly can't explain in words the depth of my experience.  At the heart of the place is Cath (or hummingbird lol) who simply is the love that radiates around the beautiful natural surroundings.  I not only recommend this retreat, I actively encourage individuals to take the opportunity to visit for their own personal experience'.

Lynne McCormick                                                                                         Troon, Oct 2018

'I’ve had a couple of opportunities to spend time mindfully reconnecting with myself at Cath’s sanctuary in Largs. A very special and for me a spiritual experience. Cath has a gift she has the ability to use mindfulness and connect it to everyday life and an added bonus that she is hilarious a comedian through and through! Time spent at Cath’s is a true investment in Your Entire Self'.