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"Fantastic workshop. The structure of the day was fantastic. The safe environment and the sense of community that was created around the participants and the trainer is incredible. It brought to me an incredible sense of love and kindness. I would highly recommend Cath's workshops."

  • Day, Weekend and Week Retreats
  • Health and Men-being (Male Only)
  • CPD Certified Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Nature Course
  • Corporate Team Bespoke Workshops
  • Gift of Wellbeing; Gift Vouchers Available


Our vision is simply to offer you the opportunity to find internal calm within the external chaos.

​Our team have had many bumps in the  journey called life however we have survived these  by finding our inner strength within.   By using Mindfulness, Nature, The Universal Law of Attraction and the gift of life experience we are today able to look within to speak our own truth, acknowledge our own talents and sit still to hear our own wisdom.

Life is an experience of ups and downs, roundabouts and bridges.   If you find yourself constantly at full speed on the motorway, come along to travel the scenic route and slow down for a bit.   You may just be surprised at the beauty you discover once you slow down.

Personally, I suppose I enjoy a challenge which as a result  I have climbed Machu Pichu in Peru, cycled the Most Dangerous Road in the World in Bolivia, sky-dived in Spain and cycled Vietnam.  At 59yrs I climbed Ben Nevis and believe that age only hinders us to the extent we think it.

I am joined with a number of experts who share their gifts and wisdom.  Debbie on Mindful Eating, Sue on Deliberate Creation/Manifestation, Alison on Childhood Trauma and John on Energy Healing Sound Baths to name a few.  Our core bond is our commitment to deliver the best experience to you.

We believe that today we are who we are because of our life experiences.​  We no longer look for external solutions to our internal problems; we look within where the magic lives.


Cath Brannan: Founder of YES


Our Team are Accredited Mindfulness/ Meditation Teachers, Life Mentors and Nature Connection Facilitators.  Most of all,  we are authentic people who have lived and survived our own life challenges.

On swing July 2021
Oct 2021
Oct 2021 Hilltop
Sun in hand
Oct 2021 Firepit
Yoga on beach July 2021
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