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Relax your mind, body & soul in nature

Below you will find a list of events for the coming year. 

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 Weekly Classes of Mindfulness, Law of Attraction and Nature Connection

       Largs, every Wednesday, 7.00pm.     Call me for a chat on 07742 893966.              


Tools to Transform:

  • Mindful Living

  • Food and the Body; The Senses and Hunger

  • Mind, Body and Spirit: The Complete Being

  • Creating Your Own Reality

  • Self Knowledge is Self Empowerment

  • Energy Healing Soundbath, Shamanic Drumming, Mindful Yoga, Wild Foraging


Celebrating Self Empowerment through Self Knowledge,  Week and Weekend Retreats, Largs

   Letting go and moving forward.

   Identify the labels which no longer serve you.

   Out with the old, in with the new.

   Define yourself by your future vision, not your past.



The Holy Isle, Awake In The Wild (off the island of Arran)

   Immersion of self-discovery with outdoor nature connection.

   Mindfulness and Japanese Forest Being

   Deepening the sense of being a part of nature and not apart from nature.     

   Inner engineering and your place in the web of life


Loch Voil, Deepening Your Spiritual Connection with Nature as your Companion

   Exploring a real sense of freedom from the chaos of life.  

   Getting headspace to dig deeper for a fuller connection.

   Back to basics to focus on your real priorities in this life.      

   Let go of your labels and be free to be you.                    

Day Workshops of Mindfulness and Nature Connection

   Self Care - Let's Not Have a Year of the Same Old......

   Intro to Mindfulness by Nature

   Day to day mindfulness

   Self Care - LOA

   Mindfulness of the senses on beach or hillwalking

   Lunch in silence

   Shamanic Drums/Energy Healing Sound Bath


Mother’s Day Event - Mother and Daughter

   Celebrating the Female Bond

   Mindfulness by Nature

   Embracing Uniqueness of The Self

   Relationships and Growth

   The Power of Connection

   Mindfulness of the senses in nature

   Energy Healing Sound Bath

​​​​​Mindfulness for the Bride

Make one of your most important journeys in your life a most memorable one.

Please see our separate page on The Mindful Bride

​From engagement to The Big Day to married life, reduce anxiety in life by giving your

attention to your most important things in life. Life long learning and benefits. Learn to observe

the chaos without being involved.  Keep the focus on what's relevant.   Ease the

'pre-wedding anxiety' of your loved ones by inviting them to a Day of Mindfulness and Calm

at your wedding venue.    Be at ease with all aspects of the Wedding Celebrations.

The Person-Centred Wedding Planning involves the story of how the couple met,

their journey together, to the arrival of their dream wedding day.  

All captured on a hand-drawn graphic to be kept as a memory and can be made into wedding

 day table favours, used as talking points at each table.

      It is exciting when The groom and other wedding party members want to be involved, with the permission of The Bride :)

Wedding Day
Mother & Daughter
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