2019 Weekly Classes of Mindfulness with Nature Therapy

      Largs, every Wednesday, 7.30pm.     Contact me for venue details on 07742 893966.

Remaining Weekend Retreats 2019

Fri 15 Nov - Sunday 18 Nov 2019  Friday (11am) to Sunday (4pm)

      Let Go and Move Forward.  Don't Drag 2019 into 2020.  Breath, Release and Let Go.

      Beach, Forest, Roaming Hills and Nature.

      Reclaim your mind and master your thoughts, your emotions and your relationships.

  •       Mindful walking and grounding with the earth and the beach sand

  •       Mindfulness of the 5 senses, bringing mindfulness into daily living

  •       Learn tools and tips to release the anxieties of daily life, relationships and drama

  •       Energy Healing Sound Bath with Gongs at Sunset with Sea View

December 2019

Out with the Old, In with the New

      Choice of dates, please contact for details.


2020 Health and Menbeing

      Due to the success of the 2019 events, new dates will be provided for Health and Menbeing Retreats 2020.

Day Events: Mindfulness In Nature, Beach and Forest

      Various dates available, please contact for details.




​​Mindfulness for the Bride 2019

Make one of your most important journeys in your life a most memorable one.

      Please see our separate page on The Mindful Bride

      From engagement to The Big Day to married life, reduce anxiety in life by giving your attention to your most important things in life. Life long learning and benefits. Learn to observe the chaos without being involved.  Keep focus on whats relevant.

      The Person Centred Wedding Planning involves the story of how the couple met, their journey together, to the arrival of their dream wedding day.   All captured on a hand drawn graphic to be kept as a memory and can be made into wedding day table favours, used as talking points at each table.

      It is exciting when The groom and other wedding party members want to be involved, with the permission of The Bride :)

Mindfulness by Nature

Beach, Woodlands and Hillwalking

Tel: +44 (0) 7742 893 966


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