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Mindfulness for Brides

Making your Wedding Mindful 

Your wedding will be one of the most important experiences in your life. With these mindful techniques, we help you to transform it into a magical and memorable day.


​​Ease the 'pre-wedding anxiety' of your loved ones by inviting them to a Day of Mindfulness and Calm at your wedding venue.   Enjoy everyone being at ease with all aspects of the Wedding Celebrations.

Wedding planning can be stressful with emotions flying high, deadlines to meet, meetings to attend, and of course, dealing with what seems to be the entire wedding party's opinions, views and preferences.    Sound familiar?

At 'YES, Your Entire Self', we acknowledge that as most people are running around preparing to look great on the outside, there is very little, or close to nothing, being done to prepare the inside i.e. your mind and wellbeing.

By preparing your mind, spirit and wellbeing throughout the months leading up to 'Your Big Day', you will be better equipped to deal with the Dramas, Divas and Delights of it all.   

This will be a lead up to ensuring that on 'The Big Day'  You, Your New Wife/Husband and all Guests will be able to experience You as the best version of yourself.    Calm, Confident and Completely Centred in Happiness.


Main Health Benefits:   Reduced Stress with Increased Happiness

Symptom Reduction      -      reduced stress, anxiety with increased life quality

Biological  Markers       -      positive changes in cortisol levels affecting the immune system

Neuroplasticity              -      the brain's ability to change in response to life circumstances and learning

Sometimes to be calm within the chaos, it can be as simple as

  • Just Breathe - in for 4 counts and out for 5

  • Starting Each Day With Gratitude

  • Ending Each Day with Kindness

However, if you are like most people, this just won't work for you?   

Preparing for one of the most important and special days of your life can be fun, relaxed and an opportunity to equip yourself with skills which will not only serve you well on Your Big Day but will serve you well throughout your married life.

To plan Your Wedding we offer:

The Couple Centred Wedding Planning involves the story of how the couple met, their journey together, to the arrival of their dream wedding day (sometimes referred to as 'the Diva Solution' as invited VIPs hear the Bride's perfect dream wedding day from the heart, with input from the groom' :).   It will capture all the special moments in your journey together with all the special people in your lives.  All captured on a hand-drawn colour graphic to be kept as a memory and can be made into wedding day table favours, used as talking points at each table.  Please phone for samples of a Person-Centred Wedding Plan (07742 893966).

Couple Centred Wedding Planning (CCWP)

  • Couple Centred Dream Wedding is facilitated in conjunction with PCP Specialist, Caroline Brown, Heart and Soul

  • CCWP is by invite to your chosen friends and family, those you specify to be involved in the planning of and enjoying of The Big Day   

  • The entire focus is on YOUR Dream Wedding as creative ideas are hatched and planned together

Your Dream Wedding is colourfully sketched on a large poster-sized background for you to take away with you.  It provides as an Extra Special Experience and Memory as well as a full plan for your Dream Wedding with details of the important aspects of Your Big Day and for those involved.    A great fun and at times, emotional way to plan the Day of Your Dreams.

​From as little as £55 per person, your  Wedding VIPs can relax and enjoy being part of the preparation for one of the biggest days of your life!   And as part of your 'Mindfulness Inner Circle', you will have each other to keep calm and happy.

To prepare for Your Wedding we offer Mindfulness and Wellbeing:

  • Fun Coupled Centred Dream Wedding Planning

  • Full-Day Events

  • Weekend Events

  • Block Monthly Booking Events

  • Individual Sessions

  • Group Sessions

  • A stunning venue located in nature, Largs

  • The venue of your choice

Come along and prepare your mind, body and spirit for the Best Day of Your Life!

Mindfulness for The Bride 2020

Make one of your most important journeys in your life a memorable one.

From engagement to The Big Day to married life, reduce the anxiety of life by giving your attention to the most important things in life.      Life long learning and benefits.

​The groom and other wedding party members can be accommodated, with the permission of The Bride :)

Weekday and Weekend date available.

Buddha was asked :              ’What have you gained from meditation’?  

He replied                                ​‘It’s not what I have gained, let me tell you what I have lost; anger, anxiety,

                                                    depression,  insecurity, fear of old age and death’.

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