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Largs by the sea, forest and hills.
Sea-side town with outstanding scenery.
Overlooking Isle of Millport and Arran.

Connecting Your Nature with Mother Nature.  Come to Just Be, Just Be You.


  • Mindfulness deepens your understanding of yourself

  • Nature supports and takes this understanding to a deeper level

  • The world has changed as we know it, learn to embrace change as part of life’s secret

  • Connect with yourself at a deeper level, letting go of the old to make space for the new

  • Self knowledge is self empowerment. Be the Captain of your Ship

Key Highlights

  • Guided mindfulness and nature connection practices

  • Learn Shinrin Yoku, Japanese Forest Being

  • Learn the 9 Hunger Types and the emotions you attach to your eating habits

  • Receive a Mindful Daily Living Goodie Bag

  • Enjoy the company of like minded people

  • Enjoy feeling alive in the best of Scotland’s nature; at the beach, forest area and hillwalking

Being Your True Self and Open to Change. (Wooded area).

  • Learning the health benefits of Mindfulness, Nature Connection and overall Wellbeing

  • Experiencing Shinrin Yoku, Japanese Forest Bathing, nature’s healing benefits

  • Gaining from daily Mindfulness and Nature Practices as non-medicated health tools

Day  Benefit: Achieving clarity of mind supported by nature, increasing inner calm.


Self Care and Self Empowerment (Beach area).

  • Experiencing Mindful Eating and discovering the Nine Hunger Types

  • Exploring your own unhealthy life habits with the 5 senses; sight, sound, smell, touch, taste

  • Gaining from self knowledge at a deeper level on your life ‘trigger points’

Day Benefit: Increased Self Knowledge which brings increased Self Empowerment.

Relationship with Yourself and Others (Panoramic Hilltop area)

  • Inner Critic v Inner Coach

  • Relationships – do you nurture or neuk them?

  • Shaping your life by ‘Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life’

Day Benefit: Gaining clarity to Let Go of the Old, Make Room for the New


Create Your Own Success, Writing the Next Chapter of Your Life (Beach and Woodlands)

  • Exploring if you are Watering Weeds or Flowers in your own Life Garden?

  • Embrace Change. Be Alive With Your Natural Flow

  • Receive your Mindful Daily Living Goodie Bag

Day Benefit: Change is the only constant in life. Embrace it and live with your natural flow.


Respect and kindness is invited throughout your stay. Come to Just Be, Just Be Yourself.