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Largs by the sea, forest and hills.
Sea-side town with outstanding scenery.
Overlooking Isle of Millport and Arran.

Celebrate the Journey behind you and Look Forward to the Journey Ahead of You.

Connecting Your Nature with Mother Nature.  Come to Just Be, Just Be You.


  • Mindfulness deepens your understanding of yourself

  • Nature supports and takes this understanding to a deeper level

  • The world has changed as we know it, learn to embrace change as part of life’s secret

  • Connect with yourself at a deeper level, letting go of the old to make space for the new

  • Self knowledge is self empowerment. Be the Captain of your Ship

Key Highlights

  • Guided mindfulness and nature connection practices

  • Learn Shinrin Yoku, Japanese Forest Being

  • Learn the 9 Hunger Types and the emotions you attach to your eating habits

  • Receive a Mindful Daily Living Goodie Bag

  • Enjoy the company of like minded people

  • Enjoy feeling alive in the best of Scotland’s nature; at the beach, forest area and hillwalking

Being Your True Self and Open to Change. (Wooded area).

  • Learning the health benefits of Mindfulness, Nature Connection and overall Wellbeing

  • Experiencing Shinrin Yoku, Japanese Forest Bathing, nature’s healing benefits

  • Gaining from daily Mindfulness and Nature Practices as non-medicated health tools

Day  Benefit: Achieving clarity of mind supported by nature, increasing inner calm.


Self Care and Self Empowerment (Beach area).

  • Experiencing Mindful Eating and discovering the Nine Hunger Types

  • Exploring your own unhealthy life habits with the 5 senses; sight, sound, smell, touch, taste

  • Gaining from self knowledge at a deeper level on your life ‘trigger points’

Day Benefit: Increased Self Knowledge which brings increased Self Empowerment.

Relationship with Yourself and Others (Panoramic Hilltop area)

  • Inner Critic v Inner Coach

  • Relationships – do you nurture or neuk them?

  • Shaping your life by ‘Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life’

Day Benefit: Gaining clarity to Let Go of the Old, Make Room for the New


Create Your Own Success, Writing the Next Chapter of Your Life (Beach and Woodlands)

  • Exploring if you are Watering Weeds or Flowers in your own Life Garden?

  • Embrace Change. Be Alive With Your Natural Flow

  • Receive your Mindful Daily Living Goodie Bag

Day Benefit: Change is the only constant in life. Embrace it and live with your natural flow.


Respect and kindness is invited throughout your stay. Come to Just Be, Just Be Yourself.

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