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Accommodation & Essentials

Rooms are set up for one person in each. In exceptional circumstances, we may agree to two in one room.



  • Bring wellies or boots suitable for the rain as well as walking along the beach or in the forest.

  • Bring comfy, warm clothes suitable for chilling out and feeling relaxed.

  • Soft shoes are recommended or slippers or socks for indoors.

  • The rooms are small therefore you are invited to pack wisely, without overdoing it.



  • This can be a self-catering or meals provided experience and will be reflected in the price

  • Meals can be prepared and served or

  • Self-catering is with the idea of the group to contribute, share and exchange.

  • If you have a signature dish, you are invited to cook it or alternatively, bring it along with you for the group.

  • Alternatively, the group are invited to agree on meal arrangements during their stay.

  • Meals are eaten outside, weather permitting.



  • You are invited to bring along any type of bird food for woodpeckers, pheasants, robins etc

  • Apples for the deer (or can be sought in Largs)

  • Dog/cat food for hedgehogs (outwith their hibernation November-March)

  • A short drive away there is the possibility of viewing seals

  • Like all nature, sightings of wildlife is not guaranteed.


BATHROOM AND BEDROOM: Rooms will be discussed and agreed prior to booking.

  • There will be one bathroom shared between two rooms at Haylie House Lodge

  • There is one en-suite room upstairs at Haylie House Lodge

  • There are two bedrooms and one bathroom in a self-contained flat, ‘Free Spirit’ nearby Haylie House Lodge, 15 mins walking distance or a few mins drive away

  • Rooms are private to you throughout your stay, therefore, beds are not made up daily

  • There is a shared lounge with tv at Haylie House Lodge and at ‘Free Spirit’ apartment

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