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Shaping Tomorrow Together, Building a Mindful Wellbeing Culture

Course:    Shaping Tomorrow Together, Building a Mindful Wellbeing Culture



During October 2018 Scotland officially added ‘nature prescriptions’ by Doctors in the Scottish Islands.

During October 2019 Scotland officially became a Mindful Nation, confirmed by Holyrood.

During October 2020 our distinguishing approach has been the merge of nature’s health benefits, now backed with scientific evidence, with those of mindful living.


Not surprisingly, the popularity of mindfulness is ever growing as the evidence base of its effectiveness on wellbeing continues to grow. In addition, once attuned with the natural elements, a 24/7 free support which is available anytime, anywhere is offered.


This course is very much ‘not your average’ personal development and wellbeing toolkit. It aims to build on self accountability and responsibility for wellbeing as well as self empowering and inspiring others.


Key Benefits and Cost Savings for Employers

  • Reduced absence rate as self managed health and wellbeing develops as the culture

  • Reduced attrition due to improved employee satisfaction and engagement

  • Reduced downtime as employee has increased energy, becomes healthier and fitter

  • Reduced ‘presenteism’ as each employee is accountable for their contribution


Key Benefits for Managers

  • Increased Employee Engagement as healthcare balance becomes the wellbeing culture

  • Boundaries of ‘Duty of Care’ are clarified

  • Eradicates the ‘them v us’ culture (home v office etc) by shared goals for the greater good

  • Increased employee productivity as energy is more focused on priorities


Key Benefits for Employees

  • Improved life balance

  • Improved health by increased ownership and accountability for mental and physical wellbeing

  • Improved employee satisfaction by embracing change and working collectively for united success

  • Improved working relationships by developing increased compassion and kindness, increasing inclusion


Some of the Highlights

  • Mental Health - Mindful Living and Digital Detox awareness

  • Physical Health - Daily outdoors as well as learning of the Nine Hunger Types

  • Emotional Health - Learn the early signs, taking action to avoid physical/mental issues

  • Overall Health - Health Matters! Your Health is in Your Hand


Day 1 Bringing Awareness and Attention to Your Nature and Mother Nature

  • Introduction to the link between Mindfulness, Nature Connection and Wellbeing

  • Using Mindfulness and Nature as non-medicated health tools – 24/7 availability

  • Becoming comfortable with silence

  • Experience real inclusion with nature improving physical, mental and emotional health


Day 2 Acceptance and Bringing Sense to Your World

  • Knowing your habits of your 5 senses; sight, sound, smell, touch, taste

  • Mindful Eating – Discover the Nine Hungers

  • Mindful Living Toolkit for Daily Living – Goodie Bag

  • Experience Nature’s Survival Kit for Mankind – Embracing Change


Day 3 Letting Go and Moving Forward

  • Inner Critic v Inner Coach. Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

  • Manage Your Own Wheel of Life. Stamp Your Own Life Passport

  • Learn to Let Go of What No Longer Serves You. Make space for the new

  • Experience Shinrin Yoku (Japanese Forest Bathing)


Day 4 Relationships and Non-Judgemental Attitude

  • Is Your Ego Running Your Life? Become Your Own Person

  • Inner Engineering: Self Knowledge is Self Empowering

  • Inclusion/Diversity: You Are Just Like Me

  • Mindfulness in Public

  • Experience real time out with Digital Detox


Day 5 Live and Let Live. Moving Forward with Your Life

  • What Drives You? Steer Your Own Direction.

  • Are You Watering Weeds or Flowers in Your Own Life Garden?

  • Set Yourself Up For Success

  • Experience Being Alive With Your Natural Flow

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