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Six Days of Heaven

Private Beach & Hot Tub

Overlooking Loch Fyne


Theme:  Letting Go and Moving Forward

Bringing Attention and Wellbeing to Your Nature and Mother Nature

  • Introduction to the link between Mindfulness, Nature Connection and Wellbeing

  • Using Mindfulness and Nature as non-medicated health tools – 24/7 availability

  • Becoming comfortable with silence

  • Experience real inclusion with nature improving physical, mental and emotional health


Acceptance and Bringing Sense to Your World

  • Knowing your habits of your 5 senses; sight, sound, smell, touch, taste

  • Mindful Eating and Wellbeing – Discover the Nine Hunger Types

  • Mindful Living Toolkit for Daily Living – Goodie Bag

  • Experience Nature’s Survival Kit for Mankind – Embracing Change


Letting Go and Moving Forward

  • Inner Critic v Inner Coach. Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

  • Manage Your Own Wheel of Life. Stamp Your Own Life Passport

  • Learn to Let Go of What No Longer Serves You. Make space for the new

  • Experience Shinrin Yoku (Japanese Forest Bathing)


Relationships and Non-Judgemental Attitude

  • Is Your Ego Running Your Life? Become Your Own Person

  • Inner Engineering: Self Knowledge is Self Empowering

  • Inclusion/Diversity: You Are Just Like Me

  • Mindfulness in Public

  • Digital Detox, real time out from a world of mass distraction


Live and Let Live. Moving Forward with Your Life

  • What Drives You? Steer Your Own Direction.

  • Are You Watering Weeds or Flowers in Your Own Life Garden?

  • Set Yourself Up For Success

  • Experience Being Alive With Your Natural Flow


Health Matters! Your Health is in Your Hands.                                      Life Matters! Your Life is in Your Hands.