• Mindfulness Teacher Training Accredited

  • Youth Mindfulness Accredited

  • MBSR Mindfulness

  • Ambassador for Psychologies Magazine

  • Person Centred Planning

  • Talking Mats Communication

  • Dealing with Trauma

  • NAC, Respite Foster Carer

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

  • Abraham Hicks - The Law Of Attraction

  • Living with Addictions - Alanon

  • Living The Way of  Tao Te Ching



My vision is simply to offer you a chance to find internal calm within the external chaos.

Life is an experience of ups and downs, roundabouts and bridges.   If you find yourself constantly at full speed on the motorway, come along to travel the scenic route and slow down for a bit.   You may just be surprised at the beauty you discover once you slow down.

I have had many bumps in my journey, some bigger than others, however, I have survived them finding the inner strength within.   By using Mindfulness, Nature, The Universal Law of Attraction and the gift of life experience I am today able to look within to speak my own truth, acknowledge my own talents and sit still to hear my own answers. 

Today I am who I am because of my life experiences.

I have worked many years Worldwide, then in business returning to the UK with the latter years within the Charity and Public Sectors in Scotland.

Psychology, Human Relations, Mental and Spiritual Health and Wellbeing, Person Centred Planning, The Tao Te Ching and Law of Attraction are all areas I am passionate about.

I have always had an avid interest in person-centred planning and growth development for busy people or those affected by addiction.  I enjoy my time during weekends as a Respite Foster Carer.

I have climbed Machu Pichu, cycled the Most Dangerous Road in the World in Bolivia, sky-dived in Spain and cycled Vietnam.  I have also bagged a few Munros and I am partial to the odd Glass of Red to savour that moment of accomplishment :)

I deliver a small-group experience of exploring and developing mindfulness in a safe environment in order that this can be manifested into daily living creating self-compassion, kindness and stillness of mind within a busy schedule.

Using the breath to anchor our mind in times of anxiety, multi-tasking or chaos can help to identify and deal with our emotions and manage our reactions.


Sharing with others from different backgrounds and beliefs can be an enriching experience and I welcome respect, kindness and compassion throughout each stay.

Tel: +44 (0) 7742 893 966


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