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Your Health is Your Wealth.
Health of Your Mental, Spiritual and Physical Being

A very warm welcome from
YES Your Entire Self where your true nature is enhanced by Mother Nature;  Scotland's 1st dedicated Mindfulness and Nature Connection retreats/courses/wellness team building days.

   As a Social Enterprise we are supporting individuals and communities:

  • By building inner strength to Just Be, Just Be You!

  • By rediscovering who you are after life's changes and challenges

  • By regaining inner strength after being affected by abuse

  • By rebuilding inner strength after the impact of trauma

  • By redefining inner strength for those touched by loss or someone's attempted/suicide

Our Focus Is On:
  •   Increasing self worth and empowerment
  • Acheiving balance for hectic lifestyles
  • Meaningful answers when at life's crossroads
  • Deepening your spiritual connection
2023 Remaining Courses
Mindfulness, Wellness and Nature Connection - 5 Days
August:         21, 22, 25, 28 and 29
September:  18, 19, 25, 26 and 29
October:       23, 24, 27, 30 and 31
'Own My Life' Experienced Living with An Abusive Partner
Regaining Your Self Belief, Self Empowerment and Your Independence
Tuesday 22 Aug, 6-8pm for 12 Weeks

Hello, I'm Catherine Brannan, Founder of YES Your Entire Self cic. 

We stand for individuality and community,  connection and purpose. 

We provide a safe haven to connect deeply with your true self. 


Through mindful living, nature's healing and life tools our team, all from lived experience, are released from deep emotional, mental and/or physical pain. 

Gain clarity in life, finding deep connection in nature with your true nature.

Nature is our reminder that your life is so unique and so short. 

Live your life your way.


 'Living in a Mindful Culture; Shaping Tomorrow Together' 
CPD Certified.

  • 'Own My Life' for Women Affected by Abuse


Look after your Mind
and it will look after you.

Local Groups/Activities *International:  Enjoying different cultures, activities and socialising. *Open About Suicide:  For those affected by someone's attempted/suicide. *Mindful Living: For mind maintenance. *Beach Party Holistic *GongSoundbath amd Drumming

Relax in stunning locations of natural beauty.

Life Tools and Experiencial Participation

  • Guided Mindfulness and Meditation Practice

  • Nature Connection for a Deeper Connection

  • Universal Law of Attraction

  • Energy Healing Sound Bath with Gongs/Chimes

  • Japanese Forest Being (Shinrin Yoku).

  • Shamanic Drums and Drumming Circle

  • Mindful Eating and The Nine Hungers

  • Relationship Focus with Yourself and Others

Our Vision:
Shaping Your 'Life of Choice'
infused with Nature Connection,
Mindful Living & Self Empowered Wellbeing


Come along on a Personal Retreat and discover a deeper connection and understanding of your true nature, your relationships and your self set limitations.

For your organisation, book our newly CPD Certified 'Wellbeing, Mindfulness and Nature' course. It is a support for Managers and employees leading in the new solutions to the new norm after Covid.

YES Your Entire Self is unique, taking a person-centred approach to providing mind, emotional and spiritual wellness within a 100% natural setting.  Our focus is taking care of and guiding small groups to allow headspace for insight into the relationship between thoughts, feelings and the inner self.

Through regular practice of mindfulness, meditation, the Universal Law of Attraction and being in nature you can become the best next version of yourself.  Scientific evidence with both mindfulness and being in nature has proven that an increase in happiness with a boost to the immune system can be achieved whilst anxiety and stress are reduced.

Tools To Slow Down
Everyone's life is an experience of ups and downs, roundabouts and bridges.   If you find yourself constantly at full speed, come along to travel the scenic route and slow down to enjoy your journey.   You may just be surprised at the beauty within once you slow down. 

Mindfulness, Nature and Wellbeing

100% Nature Inspired

Tel: +44 (0) 7742 893 966

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Largs, Scotland  KA30 8ET

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