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A very warm welcome to you from
YES Your Entire Self, where your true nature blends with Mother Nature.

Hi, I'm Catherine Brannan, Founder of YES, Your Entire Self.  My vision is for people to reconnect with themselves at a deeper level through mindfulness, wellbeing and nature connection.  Why?  These have released me from a busy, chaotic mind as well as some deep rooted emotional pain.  If you decide to live your life more fully, you will have my undivided attention.

Daily Mindful Living allows us to release and let go of that which no longer serves us.  Nature is a reminder that our life is so precious and we are unique.

  • Rediscover the real you

  • Gain insight into your relationships

  • Let go of labels which are not truely you

  • Be the inspiration for your child, not the nag!

  • Increase calm and joy into your life

  • Come to Just Be, Just Be You!



Taking time out to connect within can positively enhance and/or change your life.  We tend to look for an external solution for what can be an interal problem; the solution is simply within.



You only have one life, make it yours and all it can be!

Contact us for exciting new programmes in 2021.

Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Mindfulness and Spiritual Events. Come to Just Be!

Professionally led mindfulness practice, together with outdoor nature connection, provides to you a safe environment to identify and change your thinking patterns with old negative habits.  Don't get stuck living an unconscious life!  Gain clarity for positive change and open up to the beauty of life.

Join with us in some of the most outstanding natural locations in Scotland or chat to us about hosting in your local area (min of 4 persons).

  • Mindfulness Practice.

  • Universal Law of Attraction.

  • Energy Healing Sound Bath with Gongs at Sunset

  • 100% Nature Inspired. Beach, forest and hills.

  • Japanese Forest Being (Shinrin Yoku).

  • ​Relax, restore and replenish.

To enhance the stillness within, we accept Nature's invite to join her on our inner journey.

This is not an event where you are given a template, we support you to travel your own inner journey.  It takes courage to be yourself, no matter what.  Walking it with a non-judgemental companion makes it easier.

Don't Bounce Back, Bounce Forward!

Give a Christmas Gift of Wellness

New Programmes for 2021.

Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced

Mindfulness, Nature and Spiritual Advancement.

Contact us for fuller detail.

Ways I can help you ...

Do you need to slow down from your hectic life?
Are you at a crossroads in life, looking for answers?
Do you want control in your life, on your terms?
Looking to explore the spiritual essence of your being?
Do you want to get back to 'just being you'?
Enjoy time out with YES and find the answers within.

My passion is to encourage emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing through daily mindful living and a real connection with nature. 

Come along to Just Be, Just Be Yourself.


Enjoy time out with nature at its best

Our events are held in Scotland's finest locations of natural beauty and spiritual connection such as The Holy Isle, Inverness and Glen Coe.  Alternatively, if you have a small group (min 4 persons) we will happily discuss hosting in your local area.

YES Your Entire Self is unique, taking a person-centred approach to providing 'mind and emotional wellness' within a 100% natural setting.  My focus is taking care of and guiding small groups to allow headspace for insight into the relationship between thoughts, feelings and inner self.

Through regular practice of mindfulness, meditation, the Universal Law of Attraction and being in nature you can become the best version of yourself.

Scientific evidence with both mindfulness and being in nature has proven that an increase in happiness with a boost to the immune system can be achieved whilst anxiety and stress are reduced.

If you want to love and care for others, it must start with yourself first.  Show up for yourself, believe that YOU matter!

Please contact me for suitable dates, venues or to discuss a Retreat in your local area.

Tools To Slow Down - Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

Life is an experience of ups and downs, roundabouts and bridges.   If you find yourself constantly at full speed on the motorway, come along to travel the scenic route and slow down for a bit.   You may just be surprised at the beauty you discover once you slow down.

  • Mindfulness of the senses

  • Mindful walks in nature

  • Japanese Forest Being

  • Energy Healing Sound Bath with Gongs

  • Group discussion and individual reflection

​Reduce your stress and increase your confidence.  Your health and wellbeing is your responsibility, let's have fun in improving it.

  • Day and Weekend Retreats

  • Health and Men-being (Male Only)

  • Corporate Team Bespoke Workshops

  • Mindful Wedding Party

  • Gift of Wellbeing; Gift Vouchers Available

I bring Mindfulness and Nature Connection into my every day living.  I am passionate about the Universal Law of Attraction and The Tao.  I aim to be quiet within when the outside is in chaos.

I will reply within 24 hrs so please check your spam email if you have not received my reply.

Largs, The Holy Isle, Glen Coe, Inverness etc.
(Or call to discuss a venue of your choice or your local area).


All events are based in stunning natural surroundings.  These are the perfect locations to relax and get head space.

When was the last time you looked after your Mind?  Give it a break from the daily exhaustion of a busy life. 

Look after your Mind and it will look after you.

Tel: +44 (0) 7742 893 966


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