Mindfulness and Wellbeing by Nature Retreat

My vision is to support emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing by developing a strong awareness of the mind, emotions and of our thinking patterns. 

Using nature as our platform, it provides a safe environment to help change the way we think, to help change our lives.

  • Mindfulness Practice and Universal Law of Attraction.

  • Energy Healing Sound Bath with Gongs at Sunset.

  • Time Out for Time In Nature, beach, forest and hills.

  • Japanese Forest Being (Shinrin Yoku)

  • ​Relax, restore and rejuvenate. Time with like minded people.

Mindful Buddha
YES - Your Entire Self

If you are not sure if you want to be by the sea, the forest or the hills then come along to YES as they are all on our doorstep :)

YES Your Entire Self is unique, taking a person-centred approach to providing 'mind wellness' combined with nature.  I focus on taking care of small groups to allow headspace for insight into the relationship between thoughts, feelings and inner self.


Through regular practice of mindfulness, meditation, the Universal Law of Attraction and being in nature you can become a better version of yourself.

Scientific evidence with mindfulness and being in nature has proven that an increase in happiness with a boost to the immune system can be achieved whilst anxiety and stress are reduced.

If you want to love and care for others, it must start with yourself first. 


Show up for yourself, know that you matter!

Is YES for you?

  • Hectic life & want increased happiness?

  • At one of life's crossroads?

  • Wanting to change a part of your life?

  • Wanting to take back control of your life?

  • Wanting to improve your relationships?

  • Wanting to get back to 'Just Being You'?

  • Wanting to learn to laugh again?

If yes is the answer, then YES is the answer!

Please contact me for suitable dates.  

Tools To Slow Down

Life is an experience of ups and downs, roundabouts and bridges.   If you find yourself constantly at full speed on the motorway, come along to travel the scenic route and slow down for abit.   You may just be suprised at the beauty you discover once you slow down.

  • Mindfulness of the senses

  • Mindful walking on the beach

  • Universal Law of Attraction

  • Energy Healing Sound Bath with Gongs

  • Japanese Forest Being

  • Taking control of your mind


​Reduce your stress and increase your confidence.  Your health and wellbeing is your responsibility, let's have fun in improving it.

2020 Events

  • Day and Weekend Retreats

  • Health and Menbeing (Male Only)

  • Corporate Team Building Days

  • Ideal for that special Birthday gift, Gift Vouchers Available

  • Person Centred Wedding Planning for Engagement/Wedding gift

My approach in my own life is that of bringing Mindfulness into daily living, the Universal Law of Attraction and connecting with nature.  I learn to be quiet within when the outside is in chaos in order to be self-aligned with what's really important.

I will reply within 24 hrs so please check your spam email if you have not received my reply.

Based in Largs, North Ayrshire


Based in the stunning location, it is the perfect location to relax, unwind as well as healthy activity such as horse riding, golf, swimming, hill walking, sailing and island hopping.

An offering of ample bars, restuarants, coffee shops and pub grub provides something for everyone.

It is easy to have your hair done, your nails, a massage or visit the Gym.   When was the last time you looked after your Mind?  Give it a break from the daily exhaustion of a busy life.  Look after your Mind and it will look after you.

Mindfulness by Nature

Beach, Woodlands and Hillwalking

Tel: +44 (0) 7742 893 966


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