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Shaping Your Life of Choice

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Outdoor Nature Connection,,

Mindfulness & Self Empowerment

Your Health is Your Wealth.

Health of Your Mental, Spiritual and Physical Being

A very warm welcome to you from
YES Your Entire Self, where your true nature is enhanced by Mother Nature;  Scotland's 1st  dedicated Mindfulness and Nature Wellbeing Centre.

Hi, I'm Catherine Brannan, Founder of YES, Your Entire Self.  My vision is for people to reconnect with themselves at a deeper level through mindfulness, wellbeing and nature connection.  Why?  These have released me from a busy, chaotic mind as well as some deep rooted emotional pain.  Join me to gain clarity in your life or enjoy a deeper connection with nature.

Daily Mindful Living is a pathway to a deeper inner connection.  Nature is a reminder that your life is so precious, so unique and so short.  Live Your Life Now!

  • Rediscover the real you

  • Relationship insights

  • Let go of labels which no longer serve you

  • Be the inspiration for change, not the nag!

  • Come to Just Be, Just Be Your Entire Self

  • Spiritually, Mentally, Physically Alive

Come on retreat OR do you have the venue?  We will come to you!

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Practice.

  • Nature Connection

  • Universal Law of Attraction.

  • Energy Healing Sound Bath with Gongs at Sunset

  • Japanese Forest Being (Shinrin Yoku).

  • Mindful Yoga and Shamanic Drums

​​Accredited Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Life Mentor and Nature Connection Facilitator.

Latest Retreat Additions to include:

Light Mindful Yoga on Beach, Relationship Focus, Letting Go and Moving Forward, Mindful Living Toolkit. Change the way you think to change your life.

Largs, Small Bespoke Group - Now Fully Booked

Friday 11 June - Monday 14 June      

Theme: Let Go,  Making Room For The New  

Contact us for full  itinerary.          


Largs, Small Bespoke Group

Saturday 3 July - Tuesday 6 July      

Theme:   Changing The Way You Think To Change The Way You Live

Contact us for full itinerary.


Loch Fyne Retreat, Group of 6 persons

Sunday 10 - Friday 15 October 2021

Private Beach and Hot Tub

Contact us for full itinerary.   

Don't delay to join us in this small bespoke, fun group.



NB: The Holy Isle Retreat remains on hold.

Join with us in the most outstanding natural locations in Scotland, with a selection of activities below. 

Or chat to me about hosting in your local area.

Check out our 2021 Corporate 5 Day Programme, currently with CPD for Accreditation;  'Shaping Tomorrow Together, Building a Mindful Wellbeing Culture'.  This is a guidance tool for life's journey for those on an ongoing quest for learning about the self and experiencing life at a deeper level.  It particularly supports those who manage the wellbeing of others.

Don't Bounce Back, Bounce Forward!

Exciting New Corporate Course and Retreat Events

from May 2021.

Mindfulness, Nature and Spiritual Advancement.

Stunning locations of natural beauty.

I can support you to ...

Increase self esteem, self worth and empowerment
Acheive balance in your hectic life
Search for answers when at life's crossroads
Manage your life on your terms
Deepen your spiritual connection
Needing that time out in nature for clarity?
Enjoy time out with YES and come to be, Just Be You.

My passion is to encourage emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing through daily mindful living and a real connection with nature.  Let's celebrate together the global shift in conscious awareness, freeing us from chaos to be all we can be.

I enjoy teachings from Eckhart Tolle, Sadhguru, Lao Tzu Mooji, David Bohm, Dr Joe Dispenza and Abraham Hicks.  I bring Mindfulness and Nature Connection into my every day living.  I am passionate about the Universal Law of Attraction and The Tao.  I aim to be quiet within when the outside is in chaos.


Enjoy time out with nature at its best

YES Your Entire Self is unique, taking a person-centred approach to providing mind, emotional and spiritual wellness within a 100% natural setting.  Our focus is taking care of and guiding small groups to allow headspace for insight into the relationship between thoughts, feelings and the inner self.

Through regular practice of mindfulness, meditation, the Universal Law of Attraction and being in nature you can become the best version of yourself.

Scientific evidence with both mindfulness and being in nature has proven that an increase in happiness with a boost to the immune system can be achieved whilst anxiety and stress are reduced.



Tools To Slow Down - Light At The End Of The Tunnel.



Life is an experience of ups and downs, roundabouts and bridges.   If you find yourself constantly at full speed on the motorway, come along to travel the scenic route and slow down for a bit.   You may just be surprised at the beauty you discover once you slow down.

  • Mindfulness of the senses

  • Mindful walks in nature

  • Japanese Forest Being

  • Energy Healing Sound Bath with Gongs

  • Meet like minded people

​Reduce your stress and increase your confidence.  Your health and wellbeing is your responsibility, let's have fun in improving it.

  • Day, Weekend and Week Retreats

  • Health and Men-being (Male Only)

  • Corporate Team Bespoke Workshops

  • Gift of Wellbeing; Gift Vouchers Available

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When was the last time you looked after your Mind?  Give it a break from the daily exhaustion of a busy life. 

Look after your Mind and it will look after you.