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Courses & Events


Local Groups

  • Largs International:  Enjoying different cultures, travel stories and social differences.

  • Open About Suicide:  For those affected by someone's attempted/suicide.

    Local Weekly/Monthly Events

  • Sea Inside                 Morning beach meditation

  • Sunset Surrender    Sunset beach meditation

  • Beach Party Holistic GongSoundbath/Drums

Wellness and Mind Fitness blended with nature.

  • Rediscover the real you

  • Relationship insights

  • Let go of labels which no longer serve you

  • Be the inspiration for change

Life Tools and Experiencial Participation

  • Guided Mindfulness and Meditation Practice

  • Nature Connection for a Deeper Connection

  • Universal Law of Attraction

  • Energy Healing Sound Bath with Gongs at Sunset

  • Japanese Forest Being (Shinrin Yoku).

  • Mindful Yoga and Shamanic Drums

  • Drumming Circle

  • Mindful Eating and The Nine Hungers

  • Relationship Focus with Yourself and Others

As a Social Enterprise we support communities:
  • Carers and those supporting others
  • Self empowerment for women affected by abuse
  • The impact of trauma and addictions
  • Those touched by suicide
  • Building inner strength to Just Be, Just Be You

Own My Life
Domestic Abuse Recovery Course.
This 'life changing' course begins on 21st March, is fully government funded and will be conducted over Zoom. An amazing chance for women who have been affected by Domestic Abuse to learn how to break the cycle, gain strength, self confidence and have a safe space to share their experiences with other ladies who have similar experiences.

Mindfulness & Nature Connection
Upon completion of this 5 Day course, which starts in June and promotes self care, nature connection, mindfulness, wellbeing & meditation. Attendees will be awarded a Certificate Of Professional Development. Course includes Includes forest bathing, group meditation & healing soundbath

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